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 4 - 15 SIERPNIA 2010

Lodz 06.09.2010

The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation                                          
Summer Camp for Education and Rest
P. O. Box  204
90-950  Lodz
Tel. 501 271 721



         We  thank very much for the nice cooperation at the realization of the program on the Lauder summer-camp in Wisla. We created there the together hearty, familial and energy-atmosphere. We showed that not only we could together learn but also well to play, and that lies to us on the heart the further development and supporting of the Jewish life in Poland.
We thank to Rabbies and lecturers from Poland and to guests from other countries which visited the Lauder summer-camp and gave splendid, high-toned lectures and led the yeshiva.
We thank this which dealt with children and the young people,  for the heavy and responsible job. We thank to all, thanks to whom the food was not only kosher but varied and tasty. We thank to these who led workshops, to these which minded our health, and other which somehow contributed to the success of the this year's camp. All that it appreciated educational and integrative of this exceptional, summer-meeting of Jews from all Poland.
We hope that and in the future we will collaborate at the realization of familial, educational-rest-camps of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation in Poland, thanks to which we can breathe the good cheer and the courage into the heart of every from us.

Cordially we greet and we wish the health and successes.

Our desire is also heartily to wish you happy Jewish New Year 5771,
so that we all be recorded in the book of life and in her sealed.




Rabin Maciek Pawlak
Dorota Ciesielska
Baruch Ciesielski


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