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Dorota and Baruch
The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation


First of all we want to express gratitude, to the Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder and to you, the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation for the possibility of the work in the Foundation for good Jewish community in Poland, what still we want to act in the future.
The summer camp of the Lauder Foundation took place in days from 4 to 15 August 2010 , (already the fifth time at the same place), with this that Dorota and Baruch they had come two days earlier, and the cadre the one day earlier, to prepare the hotel on the arrival guests (most important are: koshering the kitchen, to make the synagogue, to hang decorations, to co-ordinate the work schedule).
To the wide cadre, that is persons less or more, involved into works on the camp, belonged 20 persons. The exact management is the rabbi Mati Pawlak, Dorota and Baruch Ciesielski. From among the rest were responsible persons for different important sections of the work eg. as rebetzin Hadassa Pawlak who fulfilled the part mashgijah and supervised the kitchen from the Jewish side. Several persons led occupations with childish groups. Several persons led workshops. Several persons helped at making kosher and the watch of the kitchen from the religious side, were persons construable, to the leading of prayers, and evening-programs. This time we had an own doctor. Very helpful were also boys from the Berlin yeshiva which very willingly launched out into the work on the camp, led prayers, helped with the kitchen, in occupations for children, did lectures and havrutas. From this collaboration we are very satisfied.
The most of the cadre comes from Warsaw; persons were also from the cadre from Lodz, Wrocław, Walbrzych and Czestochowa. Were also boys who study in yeshivas in U.S.A. and in Israel who come on holidays to Poland. The cadre very well fulfilled her own assignments. Except their own work they took the active participation in the life of the camp and also sat in on lectures. Thanks to her sacrifice the camp was a large success.
The camp is called educational because across lectures, films, workshops and occupations for children, we bring near traditions, history, religion, to children, the young people and older. For some this is the only opportunity to meet so many Jews pointwise, to hear so many lectures together, to integrate himself with Jews from different places in Poland and from outside. As always also is the group of such who are the first time on the camp and also such who with Jewish matters only make acquaintance. Very beauties a matter it was when we saw as grandparents for the first time brought to the Jewish community their own children or grandchildren.
There visited our camp the new executive vice-president of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation the rabbi Josh Spinner from Berlin. There taught us rabbies

working in Poland (Michael Schudrich, Mati Pawlak, Yitzhak Rapoport, Boaz Pash and Daniel Simons and also the new rabbi Josh Ellis). From London was the rabbi Herschel Gluck who in the past visited repeatedly the Lauder camp. From the Berlin Yeshiva entertained Rosh the Yeshiva the rabbi Yoel Smith with the wife and children. Here we wrote what about his lectures in the news-sheet: Let us admit sincerely, the rabbi Yoel Smith from the Berlin yeshiva made on us the pretty big impression. His lectures were unusually bright, had the deliberate order and most ordinarily in the world were curious i interesting. In addition succeeded to the rabbi Smithowi skilfully to draw in listeners to interesting discussions. Unexpectedly settled on the camp also, on several days, the rabbi in the firm OSEM Yaakov Charlap which delivered also several lectures, with the son, also with the rabbi.
The this year's camp had a theme: ”Hashem ehad - Am ehad” (One God - one people), however lecturers had an unconstraint in the selection of themes of their own lectures. On the camp it was delivered, forty-four lectures (from which the most we have registered and will be put in aside internet), and eight short entitled ABC of Judaism. We had theses a special series of lectures for women (eight lectures) who were led by different rebetzin. Special lectures were foreseen also for the older young people. Every day led meetings were and lectures for boys from the Berlin Yeshiva to whom joined our boys. We led this time four kinds of workshops: the Jewish art, aleph-bet of Hebrew, the Israeli dance and the Jewish kitchen. Every day every could something choose for himself. Programs and lectures were interesting and were glad with the large interest.
Every day were interesting evening-programs in which participated all, the cadre and campers, were different integrative games , films with the discussion, the Jewish bazaar , the time of recollections - the voice had older persons , was campfire, the grill, the big time and the common singing to night late hours. Took place, as every year, the football match, the team of the cadre with the team of participants; this time the cadre drew 2 - 2.
On the camp came in sum 100 persons plus guests to the shabbath. They come from eight provinces (in Poland are sixteen provinces) and from twelve cities, also from such cities where are there the Kehilot nor the Jewish community as: Otwock near Warsaw, Czestochowa, Bydgoszcz, Lublin, Lubawka near Wroclaw. The substantial group make Children of the Holocaust who for many years make the group from 10 to 15% participants. This are oldest participants of Lauder camps. Afterwards we have a group an average that is parents with children. We had children in sum 28 that is approx. 30% wholes; this result more or less happens every year.
Children on the camp we surround the special care. Was led for six hours daily separate for them the program. They were divided into three age groups to which it was attached for two guardians. To the mini of lectures adapted to the level of children were invited boys from the Berlin Yeshiva. Every from childish groups had her own specific program. With difficulty it would be to quote every realized en bloc, but it is proper to introduce from every program several important points.

Anyway with the main foundation of the program for youngest this essential preparation of children to coming holidays. Children on their own level recognized customs and traditions of every holidays, performed different projects plastic and festive gadgets. Recognized blessings on different opportunities. Recognized the meaning of the Shabbath across stories about the Shabbath and hands-on activities eg. together did their stuff sweet breads. Children willingly also were a party to occupations integrative-agility alfresco. They partook along with other children, in the sightseeing trip of Wisla with the special train.
Several points from the program for the intermediate group. This were integrative occupations , the cognition themselves mutual, games developing the intellect; sports-occupations , football matches, basketballs and other; artistic occupations , cutouts, Holidays cards, the exercise in clay, the learning of songs; the cognition parsha in the form of theatrical performances; excursions into nearby mountains, visit of nearby farms, the cognition of animals, stealthy approaches , different surprises and attractions on the road the rivalry of two groups; the inspection of religious Jewish films; the participation in evening-programs.
The oldest (children to 14 years)group carried out many occupations along with other childish groups, but also exclusively for its own group. Here several points which favoured this group. The lecture course about Avot with boys from the Yeshiva; almost the full-day trip into the mountains with hiking trails, the cognition of the region, the party and the luncheon in the mountains; daily plays and sport on the field; the cutout and modelling from clay; filmed interviews with older persons about pre-war times; Israeli dances and a lot of common singing.
Our lauder camp distinguishes himself also that he cares for good Jewish and kosher the kitchen, we wished to satisfy all dietetic tastes of participants of the camp. After meals was common a dozen or so the one-minute- singing of short Jewish songs under the direction of the group of several persons. The singing and the dance splendidly integrated all participants of the camp and created the good and sunny atmosphere.
We published the camp-news-sheet entitled the Newspaper of the Lauder Camp which will be accessible on the side internet, where more in detail are described several camp-events . We organized the exhibition of photos camp-, prepared and sponsored by Chana and Josef. They also prepared several photo presentations from daily occupations and lives on the camp. Also we organized for them the ceremony -„WORT”, curious and moving for them and for campers, the camp-event.
Very beautiful time for all participants of the camp are common Shabbaths, when this all festally dressed draw up to the common commemorative photo and are together going to the synagogue to light candles and to greet the Shabbath. Common kidush, the long rich meal during which we listen the dwar Torah and many we sing. We all rest, we eat solemn and rich meals and also we listen to lectures of shabbath. We bid good-bye the Sabbath with songs and dances. On the Shabbath always guests come who cannot be all the time with us, from whom we are glad very much.

The management and the camp-cadre , after the review and to analysing of the all camp and to the perusal of entries to the commemorative book , acknowledged that the this year's Lauder summer-camp had been very successful, whereof we and participants very we are glad. Next year most likely in Wisla, if God say so, we will try to organize the summer-camp still better. For example we think so that for willing be lectures also in English or in Hebrew.
Even in the so spacious report the not manner to seize and to introduce all events, and first of all to show this good and sunny the atmosphere prevailing on the Lauder camp. In the next letter we will send the pack of chosen camp photos ( approx. 150 photos ) - we have in sum approx. 3500. We will transfer also these presentations which were shown already on the camp. Simultaneously we work on the publication of the coloured report.